JDLB series substantial precision worm gear is an great substitute for
precision planetary gearbox, the tools producer can
substantially cut down the price of applying precision planetary gearbox.
Hollow output with shrink disc, substantial precision, for easy integration.
Output with keyway, effortless installation, quick integration.
Strong shaft output (single, double), high stiffness, traditional alternative.
The designer’s perfect solution should be to rotate 90 degrees to install the servo motor drive methods.
Worm shaft in series can be driven by one motor to accomplish synchronous output of a number of worm wheels. It has been employed in
automated polishing cell phone shell and also other equipments.
Optimized get hold of pattern
* Innovative processing technological innovation and precision assembly to make sure the correct meshing of your tooth and cut down get in touch with tension on the tooth surface.
* Special worm wheel bronze alloy tends to make the teeth have large power and fantastic dress in resistance.
* With a massive ratio of tooth surface make contact with, worm wheel will not be quick to dress in, it may keep the locked backlash.
Optimized adjustment structure
* Swiftly setting backlash.
* Increased stiffness and precision.
* Patent framework.
Upkeep free
* Higher overall performance synthetic lubricant.
* Closed structure, no want to replace lubricant oil.
Immediately install servo motor
* Large stiffness and very low inertia coupling for servo motor.
* Several different flanges may be matched using the servo motor.
Installed two taper roller bearings with which have longer service lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment troubles.
* Bearing pre-tight set up, with increased assistance stiffness.
Worm shaft using Taper roller bearings.
* Installed two taper roller bearings with which have longer services lives.
* Eliminates worm shaft alignment problems.
* Bearing pre-tight installation, with greater help stiffness.
Output torsional backlash available in 2 ranges:
* Ultra precision: 1 arc minute for that most demanding applications.
* Precision: 2 to four arc minutes a fantastic compromise cost and high-quality.
Housing with gravity casting
* Higher strength Aluminum Alloy casting and heat treatment.
* Superior rigidity and minimal weight.
* Stunning shape and Very good weather resisting residence.