Z8 Bloated Tight Set Coupling

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Couplings are commonly used transmission parts. They are mainly used to connect two shafts for common rotation and transfer of torque. Water pumps, fans and other general equipment used in the project generally use the coupling to connect the supporting power equipment.

Z8 coupling

Z3 coupling

Expansion sleeve (referred to as expansion sleeve) is a keyless connection structure. It uses the inner and outer sleeves under axial force, and the inner and outer expansions are in close contact with the shaft and hub to generate sufficient friction to transmit torque and axial force In order to achieve the purpose of the organization’s operation.

Features: Good coupling centering performance; no heating required during assembly; convenient disassembly or adjustment of the relative position of the shaft and hub; no stress concentration; strong load capacity; large torque; good stability; high accuracy; no damage to the mating surface.

Products are widely used in: packaging machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, tobacco machinery, forging machinery, construction machinery, various machine tools and interchangeable mechanical drive coupling. For example: pulley, sprocket, gear, umbrella, impeller, timing pulley, propeller, large and small fan, blower, reducer, wind generator, stepper motor, servo motor, wire drawing machine or directly connected with shaft and hub And various other transmission connections.

Method of use: When the hub and shaft are required to be connected, the product is moved axially by bolts and tightened to produce radial and frictional forces to meet the torque requirements. When disassembling, all the bolts can be loosened. There is no need to remove the bolts. Then use an Allen wrench to screw the adapted bolts into the disassembly holes and loosen the disassembled parts.

The matching of the expansion sleeve with the shaft and hub can be selected: d <100mm, H8 / h8d> 100mm, H7-h8 / H7-h8 (same level)

Usage example:

Injection molding machine – timing pulley for unloader

Conveyor – timing pulley for feed shaft

Plasticity forming machine – lift arm

Servo press – timing pulley for return drive

Motor return drive type actuator – timing pulley for drive

Vacuum pump – for rotating screw shafts

Size: All various of sizes and types!

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Packing: carton or pallet

Shipping: by express/courier like DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, UPS, CHINA POST etc. by air or by sea

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